Fine Tuned Car Care in the Mail from Anywhere

Today car ownership and maintenance is no longer a one-person operation.  Owning a car commits you to regular conscientious maintenance and upkeep of that vehicle.  And when you make that commitment, you agree to depend upon others to perform many, if not all, of the key tasks needed to keep your vehicle in proper operating condition.  Many of these must be performed by specialists who deal with your car’s specific needs and who provide the parts and tools to do the maintenance.

For a modern automobile is such a delicate piece of machinery that the days when the owner could perform much of the maintenance and upkeep have all but vanished.  The image of the guy beneath the car or over the open hood is rapidly disappearing.  Cars are now finely-tuned precise instruments whose care requires certified expertise.

Maintaining your car can be viewed as an interplay like that between a patient and his medical providers.  You are the vehicle’s owner and operator, responsible for daily maintenance, operation and upkeep.  You also see that the vehicle is checked regularly to assure that it is in good operational condition.  The person who performs that check is the “diagnostician” – the doctor who examines and determines whether the vehicle is performing up to standard.  He also does required tests and recommends any routine maintenance – oil or filter changes, adjustments or the like.  And he can tell if the car needs more serious upkeep or repair due to operational wear.  You then you have the specialist who performs the actual maintenance and repair or installation of new parts and equipment.  All three rely on each other’s knowledge and ability.  They depend on a reliable and trustworthy supplier of tools and parts to keep your vehicle running.  These can be obtained from a provider such as Walmart by either the vehicle owner or by the one who does the maintenance and repair work.

Obtaining quality auto parts can be done easier and faster when you use a Groupon to purchase them from Walmart online or at their auto shop.  This way the auto owner can reduce vehicle maintenance and upkeep expense.  You can order parts from Walmart online and have them delivered directly to your home or to your service provider where they can be installed.  Imagine that, car care by mail.   This saves your provider the expense of having to get the parts.  And you can take advantage of Walmart prices and shipping rates for substantial savings while assuring the work on your vehicle is done with quality parts and materials.… Read More

Three Ways Taxi Services like Lyft are Improving Overall Driver and Passenger Safety

In the past few years, we have all witnessed a significant growth in the ride-hailing companies such as Lyft and Uber. Manned by over thousands of drivers and hailed by a huge number of passengers daily, these taxi services have now come a long way since their launch. However, an increase in one of the most serious concerns related to these taxi services is now casting a shadow on this sensational growth. High-profile cases of assaults and severe accidents have left people wondering about their safety.

With some of the drivers allegedly engaging in sexual assaults and running into deadly accidents, it is becoming an immense challenge for the ride-hailing industry to convince passengers that the riders they hail are safe. Because safety is the top priority according to all of these companies, new features and technologies are coming into the picture for improving overall driver and passenger safety.

To assuage customers’ concerns, companies are now adding numerous high-end safety features to the apps such as panic buttons and passenger tracking. Below, we have rounded up three ways taxi drivers are improving overall safety and why you should know them.

All-female driver fleets:
Most of the ride-hailing companies have decided to create woman-only-ride-hailing services. Thousands of women are signing up as drivers to these companies to support their innovative idea for maximizing women security. They are hiring only women drivers and also accepting women or children under 13 as their passengers. The entire ride-hailing industry is coming forward to keep women safe during rides.

Heightened driver background checks:
With so many allegations on the drivers of some of the most prominent taxi services, companies are now determined to undergo intense background checks before hiring drivers. From background checks to liability insurances, safety standards are being raised significantly. Companies are also coming up with zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policies for added security.

Amazing safety features being added to the apps:
Taxi companies are introducing remarkable safety apps designed to help passengers notify their family and friends in time of need. They can send notifications to the concerned friends and family members that they have hailed a taxi and same when they reach their destination safely. Tracking systems are also proving immensely effective for enhancing the security of someone sharing the ride with any of these taxi services.

Lyft is undoubtedly one of the most used taxi services in Chicago. Most of you hail these taxis daily for commuting from your home to job and vice versa. Your Lyft driver will pick you up and drop you to the location of your choice. Though it is an amazing endeavor to make transportation convenient and affordable, there are various problems associated with it as well. You never know if the taxi you have just hailed is showing signs of wear and tear lately.

More than often the ignorance on the part of drivers can lead to a car accident. Even though accidents are unavoidable, there are certain state laws designed to protect … Read More