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Car Window Tints: How to Choose The Best Type for your Vehicle When it comes to buying a new car, it always is a main priority for owners to have a new window tinting installed and for the most part, it has to be done by a professional. This is quite true for places where the climate is particularly warm all year long. Since it is an aftermarket car accessory, you don’t really expect your car dealership to give it for free. But just like buying any aftermarket accessory for your car, there are several things and questions to ask once you go out there to choose a tint. The intention obviously is to make sure you have the best quality and type of tint for your car’s specific needs. And yes, there in fact are various types out there. Tip 1 – The first thing you need to know about tints is the heat blockage rate of the film.
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The fact is this one right here is the primary reason why you’re installing a tint for your vehicle in the first place. Keep in mind that window tint films have different heat protection rates and you don’t want to end up getting one with very low percentage of protection especially if you live in an area where the sun is always out. Some have a rate of merely 10% while others are good enough to provide a hundred percent protection against the sun. In many temperate climates, a tint film handing out 40% heat protection is good enough.
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Tip 2 – Give equal importance to the tint’s aesthetic quality. If you’ve been driving for several years now, you already are completely aware of the many different tints installed on vehicles you meet on the road. It seems like each type is distinct, even though there isn’t much difference in visual characteristics. It’s no secret that many vehicle owners would like to have a super dark tint installed, also called limo tint, because of the simple fact that they look very attractive. Now if you want to have this type of tint installed, the most important thing you have to consider is the quality of the tint, more particularly if the dark film won’t hinder or decrease your visibility on the road when you’re driving at night. Likewise, don’t forget to inquire about the local regulations on tinting since some jurisdictions don’t allow tints that are too dark that the ones inside the vehicle are no longer visible. Tip 3 – Don’t forget to mention warranty. Finally, go for a tint installation that comes with a warranty. As a matter of fact, you can even find ones that come equipped with lifetime warranty. Long and extended warranties are the best proof of the tint’s durability and high quality. You also must emphasize work warranty, which literally is your protection against low installation quality.